Photos from Week 1


Week 1 has been an absolute dream here in Paris! I can’t wait to share all the details about some of my favorite spots thus far, but I have decided to upload a gallery of my favorite photos of each week to give you a better idea of what I have been up to! I hope you enjoy ­čÖé


Luka fresh off the plane from NYC.
Happy camper Shea!

We sat at this cafe for a few hours before heading to our welcome dinner at La Boussole.
First visit to the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens.

Molly, Shea, and I.
What remains of Philippe August’s great wall.
Visiting famous artists homes.
Holy Crepe!
Stain glass in the upper chapel at Sainte-Chapelle.
Notre-Dame shinning after it’s tragic fire.
Dinner outside of Sainte-Chapelle.

Chartres Cathedral.

Squad Selfie.
Chartres is currently under renovations. The time, energy, and labor has made the gothic architecture look amazing. On the right is what those who have visited before have seen, the left shows the renovations. So cool seeing both!
Stain glass above the relic of Mary’s veil.
In the gardens behind the Cathedral.
The incredible view!
The National Archives of Paris.

*walks aimlessly*
Feeling good!

Phone eats first.
Jess enjoying the last licks of her ice cream.
The Square of Louis XIII.
Strike a pose!

The tunnels through the Catacombs. Very tight, short, and dark.
There are two million remains in the Catacombs today…
Stumbled upon a HUGE carnival on our walk home to the Cite.
Conor and Luka with their French flag prize.

Sunday afternoon lunch.
Me at the end of week 1… verrrryyy happpyyy!

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