Photos from Versaille


My computer has finally loaded the gazillion of photos I took this week at Versailles and they are ready for you! Although this is only a fraction of what I saw, I hope that these give a better insight at what the day was like. It was probably one of my favorite days so far because of how much fun we had together as a group goofing around and exploring the huge estate Versailles makes up.  Enjoy!


Started the morning with Paris’ best chocolate almond croissant.
The front of Versailles in all its royal glory.
The gardens from inside.

The upper private chapel. It is currently under restoration, but we were able to view the chapel from both lower and upper levels behind a rope.
The Hall of Mirrors.

Famous portrait of Marie Antoinette and her children. It was created as a propaganda piece for the people of France to see M.A. in a motherly light and make her more relatable.
Marie Antoinette’s bedroom.
Currently rethinking about redecorating my room… like come on!!!

Beautiful architecture in the Hall of Battles.

The back of Versailles.

Conor felt left out.
Shea & Molly.


Practically identical.

Lots of Laughs on the Little Train.
Molly cute as ever!
White Marble sculpture outside Marie Antoinette’s chateau.
The whole group!
Architecture inside Marie Antoinette’s private chateau.
The Music Room inside Marie Antoinette’s chateau.
The private sitting room off Marie Antoinette’s bedroom in her chateau.
Her bedroom. Still so pretty!
The chateau gardens.


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