Photos from Week 3


I’m sorry to have been away from the blog for so long! The program got very hectic towards the end and I am only now getting to an update on Week 3 and soon Week 4!

Please enjoy these photos from Week 3 as I hope to finish all my posts by the end of this weekend!


Walking tour of Montmartre.

Shea and Katie admiring the street art.

The Thinker at the Musee Rodin.

Studio 59 Rivoli

The Center Pompidou in Metz, France.
Local Cathedral in Metz
Inside the Cathedral.
Conor turns 21!
Opera House.

We were lucky enough to observe the dress rehearsal of an upcoming play.
Balcony view.

Shakespeare and Company.

I spy Luka by the Seine.
Picasso Museum.

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