Leaving Home


Today is my last day in the states! Its crazy how quickly the week has flown by. I am extremely nervous to embark on this journey, but I know that it will be so good for me.

I have spent the last few days with friends and family while preparing to leave. I think that the quick turnaround has been very good for me, because any more time at home and I don’t think I would be able to get myself onto the plane. I am an extremely anxious flyer and have never been on a flight over an ocean, or a plane as large as the ones that fly internationally. I am nervous and anxious to say the least, but I need to push myself to do this if I am ever going to see all of the things and places I dream about visiting.

Me with my maternal grandparents in Bronxville.


Friends from high school.

Keeping myself distracted, I focused on packing myself into one suitcase and one personal item. I used the Away Medium size suitcase and was able to fit everything I wanted to bring (and some). I definitely self identify as an over-packer, however this may be one of the few trips I feel that I packed the appropriate amount.

I went off a navy, black, and white color scheme with few pops of color through pattern. Focusing on specific color groups made packing a lot easier and eliminated a lot of the things in my closet I otherwise may have brought. It also ensured that I would be able to create different outfits from everything I brought without feeling like I was always wearing the same thing. Using individualized bags also limited the amount I brought and kept the bag very organized. Checking the weather beforehand was also essential in determining what type of clothing I would need. I packed pants, shorts, t-shirts, two cardigans, three dresses, one nice outfit, and accessories to mix and match. (There is 100% more in my bag, but these were the basics).

For anyone feeling nervous about packing for a Maymester I would tell you not to fret! I was nervous about making everything fit, but limiting myself has made travel thus far much easier and I know my arms will thank me when I’m lugging the suitcase up and down the subway stairs.

See you in Paris!


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